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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 22, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we're going to be following the news of the day. >> don't give away too much. >> well, okay. also, speak your dog's language, all coming up tomorrow. >> i'll probably do that one, too. >> we'll see you then.
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>> pleading for them to. come forward with information. here are the parents. >> i think the reason, hannah has marvlous support. is that this is every parents, worst nightmare. i'm certain everybody in this room and those watching. notice what happened to hannah could happen to their child. we need to find out what happened to hannah. chief, good morning and thank
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you for your time. >> thank you. bill: i know you want to speak jesse matthew. do they node each other. >> we are no reason to believe they did. they met that night together on the downtown mall. they believe jesse was the last person to see hannah before she disappeared. jesse if you weren't, come forward and tell us that. if you parted ways with us, tell us that. so we can get on with this investigation. we're keeping a broad eye with respects to this. we need to talk to jesse matthew. bill: you're convinced 100% that is jesse matthew walking with her on the surveillance tape. >> yes, we are. bill: you had quite a development over the weekend. jesse matthew walked into the police station on saturday. >> he did. bill: why did he do that. >> i can't speak for jesse. i don't know what his state of mind was, or what drew him into the police station. my hope he was there to talk and
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to help us and, to you know, explain to us, what may have happened to hannah. he was there briefly. he was with family. he asked forean attorney. he obtained one on his behalf. he came and spoke briefly and they left. as i said a few times this morning alone. we knew no more about hanna awe's disappearance then the second he walked into the door. bill: why is that. >> he really didn't share any information with us. with was discussion. conversation, cordial discussion between him and investigator. nothing with respect to hannah or any encounters with hannah. any words that were exchange. anytime that he spent with her. really no information whatsoever. bill: was he interviewed, chief? >> he was not formally interviewed, no, sir. he asked for an interview and obtained one on his behalf. bill: could he have been interviewed or was he hiding behind a lawyer? >> i suspect the point he asked for attorney. it hinges on complicated legal
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issues. one was he in custody, did he have right to attorney. he wasn't in custody. he was free to leave. we honored the request that he made. once he obtained counsel and spoke with him as i said before, they. bill: could you talked to him then? >> there was a brief conversation with him at his home. i don't know the extent of that conversation. i don't know i would call it an interview. but, the detectives did speak with him at that time. bill: had you considered him suspicious at that moment? >> well, certainly we, we came to his home for the purpose of that executing a search and seizure warrant on a vehicle. in fact we were to seize that vehicle, toe it tow it and subsequently search it. during the result of that problem cause developed to search for his residence. i can't bo in what that probable cause was. suffice it we have probable cause to search property. we did not have probable cause
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to arrest him or sufficient legal basis to detain him. bill: you know where i'm going with this. when he became suspicious. he is in the police station on saturday. now, was that a missed opportunity? >> you know, i don't think so. again he was not in custody. he was free to walk out that door. we had no probable cause to arrest him, noreenable suspicion to detain him. i'll tell you, bill, when he is taken into custody, we will have firm probable cause in which to do so. i don't want to do anything that is going to disturb the opportunity to success fully prosecute a case. whether or not jesse matthew is the appropriate person or not. bill: chief, he sped off sometime later. i heard you earlier today say, how much longer was it after he was at the police station did he take off in his car? >> yeah. i don't know precisely the amount of time. i learned it probably, a couple of hours after he left the police station. but i'm told it was much, much
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sooner. i think detective sergeant mooney said it was as soon as 15 minutes after. i don't know about that time was correct or not. bill: was he being trailed by police at that time? >> overtly so. bill: one more thing, your emotion has brought a lot of attention to this story. and you are deeply involved in finding hannah. why does it hit so close to home for you? >> well, because i'm a parent. i have two daughters and two sons, three grandchildren. as mr. graham said yesterday, in some word, if you're a parent, this has to strike you at the core. and as i said earlier today, to someone, this might, to some might seem like an 18-year-old college student that has gone missing. this is someone's little girl. i can receipt to that. bill: chief, good luck to you. appreciate your time. i know you're working day and night. stay at it. timothy longo, charlottesville,
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virginia. martha. martha: two security scarce at one of the most protected places on earth. how. secret service could be changing the way it protection the white house and for good reason, when we come back.
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they are great companies, but they are worth a lot more to the germans as foreign organizations and they are in america because when these two companies leave, it will be subject to the 25% tax rate in germany. they are more profitable, more valuable, that is why we are pushing these companies out the door, pushing money away from america because of our own tax rate. >> in this case you have german companies acquiring companies in the united states. >> 60% of the business and the rest of the world, all that business will be taxed to
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germany's rate compared to the 40% rate it would be in americae employees? >> the jobs largely stay here. the tax base leaves, it goes to germany, not here. >> how do we turn this trend around? a number of pharmaceutical companies. >> president obama wants to put a fence around america and change the rules so they cannot buy foreigners and leave to join the foreigners. that will not stop the german companies buying american companies, so this exodus of money is going to continue until we lower our corporate tax rates. you have to get it down, and companies to stay. >> why is it so hard to understand?
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you have seen it even state by state? they have a more profitable corporate base. >> right on all counts, but president obama doesn't want to lower any tax rate, he wants them to stay here and pay here. >> stuart, thank you very much. bill: another defense secretary saying the president dropped the ball on isis. he says we should have armed the syrian rebels years ago. now is it too late? martha: the white house facing security troubles at its doorstep. look at this video, unbelievable. needing to prompt very big changes. >> the fact he wasn't brought down because they didn't think he had a weapon, he could have had a body balm, a vest on, we know he had a knife on.
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bill: what a story this was, texas man jumping offense over the white house expected in court this apnea bid the secret service says omar gonzalez got inside the white house door before being stopped by secret service. a day later, another man was arrested for trying to get onto the white house grounds as well. we are there at the north lawn, what are we learning some ar sof omar gonzalez? >> family members are saying he is suffering from posttraumatic stress following fighting in iraq, and they don't think he was really trying to hurt anybody because they say he owned multiple guns but only packed 3.5-inch pocket knife through the north doors of the white house. in a criminal complaint, the secret service officer says gonzalez claimed the atmosphere
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is collapsing and he scaled the fence because he wanted to warn president obama about this imaginary environmental crisis. gonzalez isn't running anywhere today, he will stand in front of a judge an in a federal courtrom in washington, the charges included carrying a dangerous or deadly weapon while entering a restricted building in this case the white house. bill: are there major security upgrades coming? >> may be, bill. we have noticed a lot more uniformed officers on the ground. white house and on pennsylvania avenue. to beef up the perimeter even more, checkpoints a few blocks away from the white house are now being discussed. federal law enforcement says the checkpoints with mostly exist to make sure nobody has a weapon or a bomb in a bag and to give officers extra time to eyeball anybody who could have bad intentions. so for those are just ideas, nothing is imminent.
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bill: thank you. martha: more tough tal talks foe president from a former member of his cabinet and. they were able to flourish because president obama didn't take action in syria sooner. here he is. as a conflict in syriac rhines on, he and other members of the administration supported arming the moderate rebels back in 2012 but president obama refused to do so. >> the real key is how do we develop a leadership group among the opposition that would be able to take control? we would have to provide the weapons and training in order for them to really be willing to work with us in that effort. >> with virtually his entire
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team unanimous over this, that is not the decision the president made. >> i think the president is concerned and i understand it, he had a fear if he started providing weapons we wouldn't know where the weapons would wind up. my view was we should begin somewhere. and part would pay the price for not doing that in what we see happening with isis. martha: saying you have to start somewhere to combat this group. a fox news at jupiter, morning, good to have you here. the first question i have, you have leon panetta, dempsey, hillary clinton and hillary clinton of item the president to help out the free syrian army. they needed to help then.
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who was on the president's side, who was convincing him otherwise in the white house? >> you know, martha, it seems like you have a situation where the president stands alone. he along with everybody we have heard speak out seem to think somehow he is prepared to let isis prevail. the strategy is wholly insufficient. last week on thursday and friday the chairman of the joint chief talking but the extent to which training now, arming and training the rebels to have active ground forces will take one to two years. we have to defeat isis now by delaying, allowing them to grow, refusing to leave any american forces behind. president obama creating a situation which america's enemies have been strengthened. martha: you have to wonder if you're going against the top
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people to advise you on defense, and you say no to them, you have to wonder why you would hold onto any of them if you disagree with anything they are saying. the only one of those four who is still there. what is happening? do you think with them speaking out, are we seeing people put the president at arms length and tell their own story? >> i think you have a number of people, in this case on both sides of the aisle and also united states military who care deeply about the station and who are very concerned. you have the army chief of staff saying again last week he believes he has grave concerns about the defense cuts that are being made. it is an unprecedented mark we look at the active duty members who are speaking out because they are so concerned both out
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the president's lack of willingness to say all options are on the table to defeat isis. some who have retired saying you cannot say to the enemy we will not put ground forces in, don't tell the enemy what you will or will not do. speak your publicly, which i am not sure you have seen in the brief history in the united states. martha: to see current military professionals, not people who are retired, speaking out against the commande commander-f is an extraordinary situation to find ourselves in, and you go back to what was said about the urging of the president to lead troops levels in iraq because he felt it would be very important for us to have eyes and ears on the ground and give us a closer tied to continue to keep him sort of where we wanted him so to speak.
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>> exactly, martha. you have a situation now where we know the military commanders at the time asking them to stay in iraq and as for 10,000, the president said no. and demanded they get any agreements approved by the government and in spite of the total chaos and the growing terror threat seeing in obama abandoned iraq, the president said he will pursue the same course in afghanistan and he is a man who frankly seems unwilling to take advice from people who know and is unwilling to do what is necessary to defend the nation, watch an example of the devastation of the policies and change course as a result and we are in very serious situation when you have those members of our armed forces saying way to second, we have to have a strategy that will defeat isis, and this one won't. martha: i look at a comment by
6:39 am
ben rhodes, national security advisor and says we didn't see a plan that could tip the balance against assad. the pentagon presented us with this plan, but we didn't think it would work. if you won't take the advice from the people you put in place to advise you on these things, shouldn't you be completely changing the people that you have in those leadership positions? >> you would think so. you have a fundamental problem with this president, he came into office with an understanding, a belief, ideology of how the world works and america's role in the world and the belief america has generally not been a force for good. a determination to reduce america's leadership in the world, now you have across the board reality up against this president's ideology and frankly in some instances he doesn't know how to handle that situation, he is not willing to
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accept it. there are enablers in the white house, he has political people around him who should not have a role in the national security decisions since frankly to have his ear in a way that these people who know what is happening on the ground don't. martha: always great to see you. bill: anabel sunday is in the books. first time they met since the super bowl blowout in new york. two minutes left, that sets up seahawks field-goal which puts seattle up by eight, right, game over? no, the ball back with less than a minute left, the broncos go up to go. this guy is like an suv. he will run you over. 26-20 the final in seattle.
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huge ratings. check this out, 7000 baltimore ravens fans lining up over the weekend, team offered to exchange ray rice jerseys for any player of their choosing. almost 6000 jerseys exchanged until they ran out and been a passed out 2400 vouchers so no fan was left out. costing them well into six figures. martha: we will talk about that coming up. bill: my bengals are 3-0. but if there, kid. martha: and you are not watching very closely. bill: starting to come around. martha: sitting down with the enemy. meeting with iran, nuclear talks and the threat of isis but should be looking for help and
6:42 am
discussions. plus this. bill: what you are watching our bystanders rushing into a river to help teenagers trapped inside of an suv. these ordinary heroes here to tell their story.
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bill: john kerry with the foreign minister ahead of the assembly, there will be a big story this week. on the table is the nuclear program and confronting the threat posed by the terrorist army, which is sunni, by and large. should we be working with iran on this matter? number of the house armed service committee. great to see you in new york. the united states will not act alone, what does that mean?
6:46 am
>> we don't know what this of administration means when it says anything. we are very concerned about secretary kerry and any deals he might strike with iran. we still have to remember, they are a major, major concern for many of us around the world. it is a huge game-changer in the middle east. it is a concern and process where train very closely. bill: to finish this point, it will be up to each country to announce for itself whether they are prepared to participate. that is a long way from your either with us or against us. >> over and over these world leaders are telling me we need american leadership. american leadership isn't sitting back saying we will wait and see what other countries do. america still has a leadership role to have to step up and help bring this together. bill: i mentioned the interview on nbc.
6:47 am
>> we are not coordinating military operations or sharing intelligence with iran. what this instrument is iran has made clear its views isil as an enemy and as a threat and so in that respect all of our operations around the objectives of the grading and destroying isil, waiting to see if iran has a constructive role to play. >> sounds me they want a nuclear deal in exchange for the cooperation. >> which would be terrible. we cannot allow that to happen. very concern of any negotiations they are having with iran right now, but the bigger part of this is our allies don't know where the united states is right now and they are concerned about that before they make any kind of commitments. bill: are you entirely 100%
6:48 am
against talking to iran? did you see no value in that order to use see some value in that? >> i'm not won her% against even talking to iran. the big thing i have is any kind of negotiations with iran especially when you come even close to doing anything that would put the sanctions back on the table or anything iran would do relative to a nuclear deal. bill: this gets stretched out longer and longer. >> we have been saying all along this is a foolish thing. you can look around the globe at the strategies, getting the sanctions off, we knew all along. bill: if you're trying to get the cooperation, they operate
6:49 am
the militias in iraq today. what is the incentive for a militia member to go into sunni territory and take out a sunni terrorists? >> it is worth the trust, how do you know i will do today, tomorrow or the next day? develop a strategy that doesn't have to have iran in it, devel develop, they have not done that yet even though they talked about that. bill: we talked about this week, it will be a busy weekend and we will see what headlines come from it. martha: nsv going off the road and crashing into a river. what happens next is truly extraordinary. two people who put their own lives on the line to flip the suv in the water.
6:50 am
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martha: this could have had an awful ending, and i crashed into the river and what happened next is an extraordinary story be at the. a dozen bystanders jumped into the river in salt lake city, flip the car over, saved the teenagers inside. two of those men are joining us now with a bit about their story and what happened. good morning to you both, thank you for being here and thank you for what you did.
6:54 am
what did you see, where were you and how did you get involved? >> well, the river is actually right across the street from my house, and we heard the tents noise. we were one of the first there. soon the whole neighborhood was out. martha: how did you get involved? >> i also live next door, my mother-in-law lives next door. everybody was already heading over toward the bridge, we were not very far away. martha: what did you see when you got down there? >> the suv was upside down on the roof, it was a horrifying sight, there were people everywhere, pandemonium, broken glass, it was pretty scary.
6:55 am
martha: you pushed it up and over, how many people were inside and what condition where the in at the time? >> originally were three young boys inside, two had gotten out almost immediately but the driver was trapped underwater. hwho is probably underwater five minutes. he wasn't in good shape when we flipped the vehicle over. martha: what happened when you got him out? >> i was trying to pull him out with his arm and hair, but he was wedged in the vehicle wrapped around the steering wheel there was no way to get him out and that is when we decided to try to push it over. once the water was released from the cap, we could see he was definitely deceased. he came around about three or four minutes later and the whole crowd erupted, it was amazing.
6:56 am
martha: so you were all convinced he was gone, he was dead? >> i definitely was. his color was blue, the firemen with the jaws of life cut him out, resuscitated him and got him back to life. >> he was under for so long we had little hope he would survive. there is no brain damage, the kid is doing great. martha: that is extraordinary, you guys are heroes, all of you. it sounds like a bit of a miracle at work as well. thank you, gentlemen. thank you for sharing your story with us. a lot of relief in that family, i am sure. bill: three afghan soldiers are now missing. where did they go and why? live with the latest on that search here on "america's newsroom."
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martha: three afghan soldiers in the united states for a training mission now missing suspiciously from the base and cape cod. bill: good morning at home, at work, the massachusetts national guard says they sounded the alarm over the weekend after realizing it, but right now they posed no threat to the public. live in massachusetts, what do we know about the soldiers? >> the three men are afghanistan national army soldiers that went missing saturday night. the senior military officers were all clear to be here in the united states, they are identified as -- we have a few photos of these gentlemen. we want to make sure the
7:01 am
pictures show their passports are not received through military sources themselves but we know these are accurate representations. they have valid visa and military officials do not believe they are any injured here in september 11 training exercises. they are not locked down, they can occasionally go sightseeing and they were last seen saturd saturday. bill: can you give us a little information about your learning about these exercises, what were they all about, what were they supposed to be participating in? >> these are annual exercises really, ending on wednesday including representatives for five different stations, 200 people participating. the las less similar exercise ws held in germany, this time 15 officers from afghanistan participating and for the most part it is about collaborating
7:02 am
and communicating. a lot of classroom time spent. this year is being hosted by the central command and the aim is to promote cooperation among forces to build a functional capacity according to some of the releases speaking with some of the military officials so it is meant to bring nations together and to rise the levels of communications. bill: thanks. massachusetts, cape cod. martha: this is a very chilling new message for the west: on followers to kill citizens of the united states and our allies. warning america will be dragged to the ground. former superior defense robert gates speaking out, repeating his stance on ground troops saying at least some american forces will be needed.
7:03 am
>> given the mission the president has assigned, which is degraded and destroy, to be able to do that small number of american advisors, special forces and forward spotters are going to have to be in harms way. it will be very small. martha: good morning, good to have you with us today. look across the sunday shows and numerous articles over the weekend, there is a chorus of people with lots of experience for seem to be saying the president isn't going about this the right way. >> the comedy seems to be was kind of mild in the fact small numbers of certain specialized ground forces by virtue of the training work they are doing or the advising work they are doing may be put in harms way.
7:04 am
the president obviously has sent such forces already in iraq, question is if the small numbers might be needed in syria, gates says you have to do it. that may come to that, but what i would say is what he is trying to guard against is the requirement for deployment of troops and numbers to take down isis in the headquarters and homebase in syria, that is what the president' is most dead set against. thinking that job cannot be done without a well-trained and sufficient ground force, the question is where are you going to get that. martha: in terms of how the president is communicating all of this, how do you think he is doing on that? >> he doesn't believe in this mission. what he thinks is if we go in
7:05 am
there and in sufficient numbers to try to defeat isis, not just retard the process in iraq, but defeat them outright it will make things worse, that we will become bogged down in the midst of the rivalry that has existed for long time will be pretty spitting at places where bases central government is broken, societies are fractured and it is no place to be. we would not be doing this with were not for the televised video of the beheadings which awaken the american public, you saw the polls and reacted to the polls. military advisors cannot even move, but they do. >> there are two different sides to this, potential threat of things happening to americans.
7:06 am
thank god it was broken up over the weekend but who knows how many more lone wolves out there might have some nefarious, awful things in mind. >> you cannot defend against that by sending ground forces or large american force somewhere in the middle east, that has to be definitive. kind of work home and security is charged with. there is a leadership back in there. iis not good to know calling for threats making threats against americans here at home. martha: leaves you think everybody is on their own. scary times, thank you so much, good to see you as always.
7:07 am
bill: two security incidences over the weekend. first an iraq war veteran jumping the fence friday night and made it inside the white house before he was taken down. they were not on the white house grounds. 24 hours later new jersey man arrested driving up the white house gate refusing to leave, congressman peter king none too happy about this. >> this is most basic, simple type of decision. concerned about terrorist attacks somebody could get into the white house is inexcusable. bill: i don't think you would disagree, it is a total and complete embarrassment for security there. the question has to go what is likely to change.
7:08 am
>> the question here is some sort of physical characteristic, or is a problem the management of the secret service. is a huge embarrassment and now the secret service is leaking planned proposals, ideas of perhaps expanding the perimeter of the white house making it more difficult for some way to run 100-yard -- at the white house. what peter king and other members of congress want to know is how does the secret service allow this to happen westmark they have dogs who are trained to do this kind of thing, why with the dogs not released? why was the door open? this thought to be a secure area, but there is a procedure if there is a breach of the perimeter, the doors should be locked, but they weren't. bill: you make absolutely valid
7:09 am
points but it took five seconds for them to get there. you have to react that fast. >> people have jumped over the white house fence before and have all been caught. crushing a small plant the white house. this is a huge security issue of the presidents safety. there in the white house about 10 minutes before this happened. bill: there were big security changes, really was a big change in america. more changes after 9/11. this will bring further changes, what they're talking but is moving the perimeter for the public back in entire block away from the white house. congress is going to be involved in this because all the money
7:10 am
eventually comes from them, so this cannot be done quickly but remember the colombian prostitution scandal, other problems that had not been reported. so they're going to want to find out about the management of the secret service before they approve any sort of changes in the principal security. they can take care of that threat. bill: good to have you on this morning. martha: roger goodell apologize if this string of domestic violence scandals. >> we got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. i'm sorry for that. martha: some critics say that is not nearly enough. bill: and stretching now into a
7:11 am
separate week. what please looking for into the disappearance. martha: and landing in a pile of twisted metal. that is not good. >> i thought you wanted car was coming down on top of me. i saw it in the air and calm down, i thought i was going to die right there. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check?
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bill: was a massive train derailment in western pennsylvania. a freight train hauling automobiles in east pittsburgh, 17 cars also been the track, nine of them tipped over. extensive damage to the tracks. martha: roger del attending the giants game in new jersey as lawmakers urging them to crack down on. aphids accused of domestic violence after a friday press conference which sought to put some of this to rest. they vowed to do better in the future handling these cases that have now been in the headlines. >> i said this before, and i say it again now, i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter, and i'm sorry for that. i got it wrong on a number of levels from the process i lead the decisions that i've reached.
7:16 am
martha: current and former players in the commissioner sounded like he just doesn't get it. news editor for the town and fox news contributor be at former senior advisor to secretary john kerry. good to have both of you with us. is everybody pointing her finger in the right direction here? a story that came out from that's details the ravens security director was talk through the second video very clearly from the atlantic city police officers over the phone, they knew it was her in this and this sounds the ravens is where the focus of this needs to be. what do you think? >> i said from the beginning the nfl should have taken drastic measures have to be first video we saw and shouldn't have waited until the second video pointing his wife in the elevator. that being said, still very serious questions about what
7:17 am
roger goodell new and when they knew it. as early as three weeks ago saying nobody in the nfl had even seen the second tape. when it comes to where we are pointing the finger's here, nfl has a culture of covering up crime and not just domestic violence but all kinds of crimes starting at the team level and goes up and the executive level. when it comes to how we deal with this the nfl has a problem on their hands they're going to have to deal with on that level. hope they don't punish all of the good people. martha: there are a lot of questions of how much roger goodell using the august 20 state quite a bit saying he admitted he had not done enough but here is the exchange with the folks from tmz. >> i would have loved to have seen that tape, should we do more to get that information in the future? >> we found out by one phone
7:18 am
call. you have a whole legal department. we found out by one phone call. >> i can't explain how you got the information. martha: that is a good question, what do you think? >> there is not one thing roger goodell said. it took 10 months to have that disastrous press conference, and then only to say it is going to take me five more months to put policies in place regress all of of this. it should have taken him five minutes to do both. you look at where he suspended from one year as a head coach suspended the general manager, another coach for a year, all for that instance yet ray rice got two games. until the video came out. he will not keep his job and he says his former instead of protecting his $44 million per year job then protecting women. had he done the right thing in
7:19 am
the beginning, he would keep his job. martha: i think the ravens folks must be gladly attention seems to be on goodell because it look at what happened here, they were walked through the tape, inside the elevator tape, and then there was an ongoing debate in the organization according to this story about whether or not they should disclose it and there was an active campaign to fight for leniency within the prosecutors in new jersey toward ray rice. all i am saying is yes, he needs to deal with institutional p.r. crisis and no tolerance policy is probably the way to go. there is only one thing these guys understand, that is being put off the field. they need to deal with that at that level. for these specific situations, it seems we need to pay a little more attention to the organization at the ravens. >> i think the ravens bear the most responsibility here, but i want to put some facts on the
7:20 am
table that domestic violence cases since roger goodell took over as down and they hav had a lower domestic violence right in the nfl than we do nationally so that is important to say this isn't a worse problem than throughout the country. that being said my issue is how the nfl handles cases like this and how the first instance they fear of something, their first reaction is to go cover it up and then to talk about the people in the judicial system including the judge who let ray rice off in new jersey, talk to them and let them off because they are in the nfl and we don't want to cause any problems with the friends who are part of the organization. this is about the nfl constantl. he will have some serious questions to answer but what he knew about that tape because they got it with one phone call. if they were really doing an investigation i said they would or as they were for seven
7:21 am
months, they should have seen it. bill: a lot of projection it couldn't have been perhaps at that point. that is his argument. thank you, we will see you next time. bill: 44 days until the electi election, needing six seats to get a majority in the senate. democrats fights to keep control, they went sai have sait would be a miracle. really? martha: a massive manhunt for this cop killer with survivalist skills. where is he? out there somewhere. they say he is hot on their trail. >> we know they have prepared and plan extensively for months and maybe years planning the attack and retreat, however we believe we are closing on him.
7:22 am
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bill: some breaking news in this story out of pennsylvania, the governor holding a news conference at the top of the hour about 34 minutes from now about the manhunt for the survivalist shown here. he is a suspect in a deadly ambush that killed to go state troopers about 10 days ago. they're closing after finding an assault rifle and ammo and rough terrain. in charge of the new york field office and good morning to you. the assault rifle, ammunition the latest clue that has been found, what do you make of that, are they any closer? >> bill, when i look at something like this, they are out there because they did find the rifle that belongs to him, but why was that there?
7:26 am
two clips from that rifle, i don't know if you put it there and he was scared off and ran away or was there just to play with law enforcement authorities. bill: you think you can plant that stuff and throw them off the trail? >> it is always a possibility to keep them looking in one direction while he is in another. they have had a lot of time to prepare for this incident of killing one person injuring another. at the same time he knows where to hide, he has the advantage until law enforcement hassan numbers, the assets, they have the time, it is going to be difficult proposition. bill: you were involved in one of the greatest manhunts the world has ever known. 1993 world trade center bombing. where did you eventually tracked
7:27 am
him down? >> we tracked him all the world from new york, manila, back to pakistan. one of the things that helped us was we used matchbooks and drop them all over pakistan. offering reward. there are all kinds of things put into play in order to locate this particular individual. bill: back to pennsylvania on this now, how do they know you have been planning this for sometime, what what are the clues? >> he put the truck into the pond in the woods, he is about hasn't been found or heard from, left the rifle with the ammunition. he is the son of a retired major, major says he is an excellent shot.
7:28 am
they found books on how to kill people really in his room, it is a guy that has been looking to do this for quite some time. bill: there was a shelter in place over the weekend, but since that's time earlier today lot of schools have been closed as well. officials not showing their hand as to what their tactics are. you don't know how he his getting it. >> that is absolutely true, bill. basically doing it, he might very well take the whole group of kids hostage, that might be another thing he does not thinking straight willing to kill police officers and think he can get away with it. i think everybody is doing the right thing.
7:29 am
bill: that is a lot of forest to go through. thank you. good to have you. bill: president obama: a dangerd a chilling threat from isis. in the united states and in europe. bill: desperate plea from family and friends for the safe return of hannah graham shown here missing for more than a week now. new claims from advancing with her when she disappeared and the chief of police want that man to come forward now. >> come forward and tell us th that, if he parted ways with her, tell us that. we are keeping a broad i with respect to this.
7:30 am
. .
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: police in virginia continuing their frantic search for hannah graham a university of virginia student missing more than a week now. police want to speak with jesse matthew, who is the man who is seen, this is the last picture
7:33 am
that we know of hannah when she was in her dorm building. but jesse matthew is the man seen in the surveillance tape. he walked into a charlottesville police station this weekend, asked for a lawyer and then left. we spoke to chief timothy longo about that encounter last hour. >> really didn't share any information with us. there was discussion, conversation, cordial discussion between him and the investigator but nothing with respect to hannah or any encounters that he had with hannah, any words that were exchanged, anytime he spent with her, really no information whatsoever. martha: rod wheeler, former washington, d.c. homicide detective, fox news contribute tomorrow. rod, good to have you with us as always. >> good morning. martha: what do you make of that? >> it has been a long weekend, martha. i was down in charlottesville on friday i kind of wish from investigation standpoint the police would have taken the huge opportunity they had friday morning to interview mr. matthew. he was at the apartment when
7:34 am
they went there to execute the search warrant along with two other individuals. so the police had a legal right, martha, to be in that apartment. when they got there with that search warrant nobody in the home could leave. that is the opportunity they had. now they want to talk to mr. matthew according to mr. long go. mr. matthew is not going to talk. he has an attorney. his attorney told him don't say anything. what needs to happen at this point? real quickly what the police department need to do, wait until they get the forensic information back from the search warrant they executed on his car. if it shows anything pertaining to a crime having been committed, what i would do is get the prosecutor to put together a grand jury and that is the only way, martha, they're going to be able to get mr. matthew to talk in front after grand jury. martha: very good point. in terms of getting him to come in at this point, you say he is not going to volunteer information at this point, he doesn't need to, he has a lawyer in front of him at this point, so, what happens next in terms of the investigation?
7:35 am
i mean what would you say to her parents who are besides themselves understandably? >> we, sure. the police department, martha, really needs to continue to focus on finding hannah. if they believe something bad has happened to her they need to start building a case jacket pertaining to that. they need to refocus finding hannah. i wouldn't worry so much about mr. matthew at this point. real quickly, martha, there were two other individuals, that hasn't been talked about much in the apartment on friday. i like to know who those two people are, use that angle going after mr. matthew. see what these other two people knew. obviously they were pretty close friends to mr. matthew. martha: do you believe we've seen, that is jesse matthew walking you there the plaza on the videotape and comes around the other side. that is where we believe he ran into hannah. put an arm around here and they were seen at a restaurant. did they go into the restaurant, rod? people would have seen them there as well. >> they did go into the
7:36 am
restaurant. as a matter of fact, i'm glad you brought that point up. mr. matthew told the police he purchased alcohol for hannah at that restaurant. well, if he says that is a crime in of itself. he is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. you know what the police could have done on saturday, when he walked into the police station, they could have placed him under arrest for that. that way they could have talked to him as well. that would have been a he can opportunity they would have had to talk to this guy. they will continue to work the case without him at this point. martha: rod, sound like they missed major opportunities sound like. >> it happens. it happens sometimes. they have to try to build the case without him, martha. martha: rod wheeler, thank you, rod. >> thank you, martha. bill: isis has spoken yet again. there is a new message urging lone wolves to attack westerners by any means necessary. the recording yet to be verified. experts say it is chilling. kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst with me in
7:37 am
studio. good morning to you. a couple of big points you make time and again. that is you have to take the fight to them over there. are we doing that? >> well, we're not. the president, the plan the president laid out, we'll defeat, degrade, destroy isis will not work. we'll do becoming. unless there are other allied countries step up to do the bulk of the fighting it is not going to work. it can't be u.s. boots on the ground. we've seen it doesn't work. need local sandals in the sand. so far none have stepped up. there is convoluted thing. we'll find moderate syrian rebels, take them to saudi arabia, we'll train them, give them weapons. send them back to syria to fight. maybe three different groups that will fight. iraqi army, general dempsey said is only 50% combat ready. final lit coalition that hasn't shown up. isis is two problems. radical jihadists in the entire middle east. there is a threat to the homeland. i don't think we're focused on
7:38 am
it. the brits are focused on it. the australians are focused on it. we keep talking we'll get them over there and i guess they will not come here? they're coming. they're here. bill: mike rogers, sunday, house intelligence committee. watch. >> we need to start talking about a plan to defeat isis. we probably shouldn't lay out our battle plans but we shouldn't take anything off our battle plans. what you're seeing is frustration on military perspective, please don't limit us what we need to do to defeat this terrorist group. bill: almost a drumbeat of people within the administration, once removed even too, you know you have to keep your options open. almost day after day that you hear that but you mentioned, you could be fighting three groups inside of syria or iraq. >> sure. bill: at least three groups. it could be more than that kt. >> that you're not even talking about the rest of the region. the entire middle east i think will have a 30-year war. it will be sunni,
7:39 am
radical, versus radical. it will not respect border, go tribe to tribe, country to country. we have a plan in the next 30 years to protect the homeland. the fight doesn't stay there. i personally think just saying we'll defeat, destroy isis. first of all the plan isn't going to work. even if it did it doesn't protect the homeland. we have a porous southern border. department of homeland security collapsing in front of us. we have political correctness determines how we look at people. we don't go after the hate speech in the united states. and there is the threat of the lone wolf, homegrown terrorist. maybe we're doing all those things, but, the way the rest of the government works does not fill me with confidence. bill: there is a brit, alan henning being held by isis, one of the many. his wife came out with a statement over the weekend. i will put it on the screen here. i do not see how it could assist any state's cause to allow the world to see a man like alan dying. i pray the people holding alan
7:40 am
respond by messages and contact me before it is too late. when i hear this message i'm more the people of islamic state to release my husband, alan henning. here is the fear. it can happen again. >> oh, it will happen again. there are 20 unaccounted for journalists and aid workers taken, gone missing, americans and europeans gone missing in syria and iraq in the last two years. there is supposedly one young woman, american woman, who is gone missing. there will be more. that is the shock value. isis and other jihadist groups, they know how to play on to our fears. bill: things really changed when the first beheading took place almost a month ago. >> absolutely. bill: thank you, kt mcfarland in studio. >> thanks, bill. martha: we're now 44 days away from voters head together polls. who will gain control of the united states senate? can the democrats keep it? one dem says that they would take a miracle. plus this.
7:41 am
>> step out of the car. are you nokiaing? are you choking? >> yes, sir. >> put your hands on your chest. >> i'm sorry. bill: he is the guy you want on your side. that is routine car stop, attorneying into life or death matter that. police officer saved the day.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: so the dramatic rescue in bronx, new york. check out what happens here. watch this now. >> step out, step out of the car. are you choking? are you choking? >> yes, sir. >> put your hand on your chest. put your hand on your chest. that's it. bill: my guy, huh? he performs heimlich, right there, dislodging a throat lose ending. i don't know why i am laughing t was stuck in the woman's windpipe. she is 49. she appears to be all right. gets back in the car. officer called an ambulance just to be safe. there is your guy, right,
7:45 am
martha? that is the guy pulse you over. martha: can you not talk when you're choking? bill: perhaps not. happens a little longer, wind pipe gets stuck. officer, well-done, with a good story too, to tell all your -- martha: thank goodness she is all right. democrats facing very strong headwind in the upcoming midterm elections. my next guest says it would be a miracle if they manage to hold on to the senate and they hope for such a thing. there is wildcard here, a handful of tight races could decide the balance of power, weeks or even months after election day, after she said. take louisiana, where so-called, jungle primary is, with all the hopefuls on the ballot, regardless of party, could mean a runoff between two top candidates. that is how they do things in louisiana. ed rollins, campaign manager, reagan bush, 1984. joe trippi. howard dean campaign manager. both are seasoned professionals.
7:46 am
good to see you this morning. take iowa this morning. this is ed es first picks he wants to look at. the iowa senate race is very, very tight for the self-proclaimed pig castrate tore, joanie earns. and bruce braley. ed, what do you think? >> joni is one of the fabulous candidates. she has got momentum going. governor, running for re-election, unchallenged. so the big republican turnout in my sense, she will not only one but be a big superstar for the party. martha: very interesting. joe, you think iowa will be a donnybrook. that thing will go as ed just said. you have a dead heat. nothing is closer than that race. and, it is consequential. whoever wins, democrats lose that that is democratic seat, belongs to tom harkin, tom harkin is the senator. if that one goes, it really will take a miracle to hold the rest
7:47 am
of the other seats together. so i think the democrats would be fighting like there is no tomorrow to carry that seat. and both of these candidates are strong. both of them have fought to a draw already. with six weeks left to go, no one is going to give up on iowa, neither party. martha: so, joe, you say that the obama get-out-the-vote machine, which we know has worked very well in the past, that is sort of the last resort effort here, right. >> well, yeah, in the last two elections cycles, it did take miracles to help the democrats hold the senate. they came in the form of witches and todd aiken the candidate in missouri. came in, you know, just but the republicans have avoided that this year. they really not done, have done a good job actually of putting up candidates, finding candidates. therefore, look, this is, it is a democratic money advantage and a get-out-the-vote operation. the machinery of getting out of
7:48 am
vote, democrats have that. have an advantage there. republicans are playing catch-up there but that would be miracle. martha: ed, pull up alaska. dan sullivan, at 44 right now. these are the rcp averages as you see on the screen. mark begich, long-time alaska family in power. north carolina as well. thom tillis at 40%. kay hagan, at 45%. what do you make of those two. >> momentum is changing. two incumbent races we win majority couple extra seats. i think sullivan is moving rapidly. had a late primary. that is solid republican state i expect him to win. equally as important as north carolina where the incumbent, elizabeth dole last year, the last time obama landslide. not there this time. tillis is the speaker of the house and doing well and starting to gain momentum. martha: we're running out of time. georgia, these are joe's key
7:49 am
races. david perdue at 45. nun at 42. nunn. kentucky, mitch mcconnell ahead more than five. kansas race is really interesting to watch. pat roberts, 37. greg orman at 3%. joe, go for it. >> these are races if the democrats can pick off one of them or if orman an win in kansas, even if the republicans succeed picking up significance senate seats, democrats pick up one and it stops them. so i think these are the three to watch. if, because i think democrats are going to try to pick off one or hope orman wins and somehow, unravels the majority when he decides what he is going to do in terms of caucusing with democrats or republicans. but gives them a shot. roberts doesn't do that for them, if he does win in kansas. >> mcconnell is, will be the majority leader after the election. that is going to be race where
7:50 am
almost 80, to $100 million spent there. he moved ahead. he will win that. roberts, long time senator, congressman. stumbled a little early in the campaign. running against unknown, independent. not any democrat on the ticket. i expect him to win too. martha: always good to see you. will be very interesting couple months. see you soon. bill: six more weeks, huh, from tomorrow. jon scott standing by. "happening now" roles your way on monday. how are you doing? >> good morning, bill. we have the latest in ten minutes on the threats from isis including new us air strikes and new fighting on turkey-syria border on the use of chemical weapons and when the u.s. might go after targets inside of syria. plus, president obama making a big push at the u.n. to crack down on homegrown terrorists. "midterm madness." new data on potential for republican take over of the u.s. senate and close look at statehouse races across the country. a tuberculosis scare in texas to
7:51 am
tell you about. and nasa succeeds on mars. that's ten minutes away. bill and martha are back in just a moment. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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bill: what happens to your digital data once you are no longer here? families are struggling with accessing loved ones social media accounts after they pass away. david lee miller has a look at. that from the newsroom in new york. what dud find out. >> this is classic case of the law trying to keep pace with technology. what happens to all our emails, photos and other stuff stored in the cloud of eye per space after we die? increasing number of states are trying to resolve this growing problem. his dad died unexpectedly of a heart attack four years ago. things were tough enough.
7:55 am
coping became more difficult when his family was told they could not access his email or online's accounts. don's mother was unable to see repeated emails that the mortgage was not being paid. foreclosure was narrowly averted but donna's mother was never allowed to view any of her husband he's online documents or photos. >> he have time she encountered something like this, it was incredibly stressful to her. she had to tell the entire story again. brought up all the feelings of the moment she lost her husband. >> reporter: after hearing donna's story, delaware lawmakers passed legislation, telling websites to allow access to someone's account who has died unless other arrangements are made. >> if they want to keep photos, social media, or any account private they can do that. >> reporter: privacy advocates say that is not enough. highly personal email of should require court order before a dead person's email can be
7:56 am
accessed by those in charge of the estate. >> email is much more spontaneous. people send a lot more of it. you don't think through the content of each email you send to a friend, doctor or counselor. >> reporter: at least eight other states have laws on the state dealing with digital remains. dell's is considered most comprehensive. it could be a model for similar legislation across the country. bill? bill: changing world. david lee miller here in new york. martha. martha: president obama facing new criticism for his isis strategy. why some former defense secretaries say the president's plan and his goal may be way off target.
7:57 am
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>> talking about the senate races coming up. have you seen this? mary landrieu helping somebody at a tailgate party. this is keg stand. i know nothing about how this works. you put the it in person's
8:00 am
mouth. apparently her press folks thought that was a okay picture to release. tight race. wilma, no hands. lsu lost the game. martha: ouch. bye, guys. jon: new threats from isis as the terror group issues a call to arms for supporters. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. isis telling its insurgents continue with beheadings and to specifically target supporters or kill citizens of any countries taking part in the u.s.-led airstrikes. jennifer griffin national security correspondent is live at pentagon with more. good morning, jennifer. what can you tell us about the new propaganda at that. >> reporter: heather, spokesman for isis


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